Startup Roundup: FundaPeer, Zordaar, appvalue

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Startup Roundup: FundaPeer, Zordaar, appvalue

Other than the startups we had covered this week, here are a few that caught our eye. Raise funds via FundAPeer, find the best shopping deals on, advertise your ecommerce business using appvalue.


FundapeerA crowd funding platform, FundaPeer allows users to raise funds for projects. Users can raise funds by registering on the website and setting up a campaign for funds, pitching the idea to the public through a video or any other platform. All projects submitted will first be verified by in house panelists within three days of it being submitted.

The campaign can also be shared across social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter and other social media to raise funds. All campaigns have to start off at a minimum of Rs 25,000 and there is no cap on the maximum amount that may be used. All funds received for a project will be transferred via NEFT. is a one stop shop for shoppers who are looking for information on the best daily deals, offers and coupons from various dealers. The portal says that its team hand picks the discounted items/ deals from various websites.

The company also guarantees that shoppers will save at least 30% off on a purchase, as only products/deals with 30-95% discounts given are usually listed on the website. The website says that deals are updated throughout the day. Shoppers can get deals across a various categories like apparel, electronics, home decor, bags and backpacks, among others.

The deal aggregator was started by IT professionals, Jaswant Chajed and Vinay Sha, and has now grown into a 6 member strong team.


appvalueAn advertising platform, appvalue provides small to medium sized ecommerce companies cost effective ad solutions on mobiles. Services offered by the company include video ads, full/half banner ads, and in-app product placements.

appvalue claims that their products are highly engaging and serve more than 18,000 ad impressions a day. Know the status of performance with reports directly sourced from ad portal. The performance reports will contain all details regarding requests, impressions and clicks through rate (CTR). Apart from this, appvalue also offers consultation to help clients optimise their ad spend and marketing strategy.

Currently, appvalue is being used on more than 4 million devices.

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