Startup Roundup:, Pixel Jobs, Venuebookingz

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Startup Roundup:, Pixel Jobs, Venuebookingz

Besides the startups we profiled in detail earlier, here are some that caught our attention. Share your emotional issues anonymously at SharingDard. Hire a creative professional through Pixel Jobs. Book a venue for an event through Venuebookingz.

SharingDardSharingDard is an ‘Emotional Networking’ website that wants to cater to the emotional aspect of one’s social well being. The service was started with an idea to let clinical psychology reach each home in India and let the users avail the benefits of it. Due to the online nature of the service, users can opt to remain anonymous as this will help them do away with the social stigma or taboo attached to psychological services.

The portal has various groups for the different types of issues like work related, family related etc for users to post their problems. Only registered users are allowed to contribute to the website. There are professionals and certified counselors who moderate and monitor the contents posted on the network.

Services like this are sure to get a good amount of traffic, especially with the anxiety and stress filled city life todays generation lives with.


Pixel Jobs

Delhi based Pixel Jobs, a creative job search portal is a new and refreshing take on recruiting for creative positions. The startups clear focus on a niche makes it valuable to the user, when compared to generic job search engines.

Pixel JobsWith UI/UX playing an important role in most companies as far as design is concerned, finding the right people will make or break the product. The parent company being a creative design agency knew the difficulty in finding creative people for hire, especially about the difficulty faced in finding specific creative talent on typical job portals. This problem seems to be an industry wide one, whether it is design, music or even filmmaking.

The listing site also has a slight edge over the other ones in the internet as it is one designed by creative people looking for other creative talent. In last 3 months, since the service began, it has listed over 600 creative jobs with Mumbai being the leading city in India.

Currently the platform is in its early stages and might take some time before listings start crowding the board. For sure, the effort seems genuine especially for an industry that has to innovate and improve at a faster pace than the others.


Venuebookingz is a venue discovering, promotion and management platform. It recommends venues for your events, conferences, exhibitions, workshops and various other occasions based on your occassion, capacity, budget, amenities and host city.

VenuebookingzThe service intends to act as a connect between event organizers & venue managers. Event organizers can select the city and locality they want to host the function in, and the service will list out the venues available in that locality. The service also gives an option to filter the local venues depending on the event to be hosted.

For venue owners the venue-booking system can help promote the venue online and automatically track leads, handle scheduling and reservations. The service collects a small commission once the venue booking is confirmed.

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