Startup Roundup: SportsCoach, Manokamna, Roompartner

Apart from the startups we profiled this week, here are a few more that caught our attention. Find a coach for your sport at SportsCoach, book a priest for poojas from Manokamna and look for roommates using Roompartner.


If you are an sports enthusiast, a sports professional or a sports coach, a startup based out of Hyderabad has a new platform to help you.


SportsCoach is a networking site for sports coaches and professionals/enthusiasts who are looking for coaching. The portal also acts as a platform for coaches to manage their business.

SportsCoach is free to use for coaches and has different pricing packages for those looking for the services. The networking site lists information pertaining to coaches available like qualification, certification level, specialisation and remuneration charged for each session. It also includes reviews of the coaches.


Manokamna is a platform that connects priests who conduct poojas and people looking for their services.

The website not only connects users to priests, it also provides all the items required for a pooja or ‘pooja samagiri’ for each request. The site has separate services for Indian and international bookings.


Started by Raghav Sharma  and Achal Srivastav, Manokamna currently has over a 1,000 priests registered on it. The site claims that the site coordinates up to 30 poojas a month.

The portal has listed on it only three kinds of poojas currently. It needs working on it term of content. It does not have content in the FAQ section, and all the images provided are identical.


Roompartner is a search service that helps its users find roommates.

Those looking for roommates can find them on Roompartner by either registering on the site, or as a guest. Members on the site can send direct messages, view full profiles and receive additional search features for a roommate.


The service lets users find roommates based upon a variety of preferences including gender preferences, room-sharing, smokers or nonsmokers, food habits among others.

While a useful service, the concerns of privacy, security and authenticity of people posting is a major problem they have to solve.

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