Startup Roundup: Studentdesk, FindYahan, ClickYourCab

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Startup Roundup: Studentdesk, FindYahan, ClickYourCab

Apart from the startups we had covered this past week, here are a few more that caught our attention. Teach news skills or learn them yourself using Findyahan, book your next cab from ClickYourCab and buy, sell or exchange your used college books at Studentdesk.


FindYahan is a location based skill discovery platform and marketplace for skills and services. It allows users to promote and earn from their home businesses. It connects them to users who are looking for the particular service.


In addition to promoting home businesses, FindYahan also has a list of verified service providers registered with them for those looking for professional services. A list of service providers will be generated to a user, and they can compare prices and hire the best.

The portal claims that the kind of services that can be posted on the portal range from teaching people how to ride a two wheeler, to finding a service that provides you lunch, and even learning guitar lessons.


ClickYourCab is Bangalore based online cab services registry that aims to eliminate the time taken to book a cab. Users can log onto the portal, enter the details of the location and receive a list of cabs that operate in the area. The list is complete with the number of cabs available from every cab service in the area and the fares for each.


Users can directly book the cab from a particular cab service using CliCkYourCab’s platform without having to call the service provider. ClickYourCab also has a service for mobile only customers where users can book a cab through Whatsapp or using their BBM Pin. Users have to provide the details of their journey and ClickYourCab books the cab for them. The service is currently available only in Bangalore.


Studentdesk is a Gujarat based startup whose platform buy, sell or exchange second hand books. Books across all genres can be swapped on the portal, although it is primarily aimed at swapping or selling of text books. Users can find books ranging from GATE training books to novels.

student desk

Categories of books available on the portal include academic books, biographies and business and management books. To buy, sell or exchange a book, users have to fill in the details of the book like the title, description, category, photo and the city in which they want to sell or exchange the book.

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