Introducing : Takeoff. A Brand New Way To Discover Great Products

At NextBigWhat, we see several great products every day. Not just from India, but from the globe. Fundamentally, one of the things we have always believed is that startup profiling is more about the product and very less about the founders, especially in the early days of the startup. Great startups and products need a lot of feedback and engagement with early adopters of the world; and Takeoff is our attempt to build a platform which brings together early adopters and makers of amazing products. Over the last few months, we have been working on building one such platform that brings the focus on the product. Not much on the back story. Not so much on the founder. But focus on the product alone.

Because your users/customers do not care about anything but a great product that is useful to them. Because great founders know that a great journey starts with an amazing product (nothing else matters).

Meet Takeoff. A brand new way to discover sexy products – a mix of Indian and global ones. Check them out/grab the bragging rights of being the early adopters/ upvote these products and importantly, engage/share feedback with the makers. Takeoff-LOGO-FINAL The Goal : Build an amazing community of DOERs and Makers. If you are a maker/founder, submit your product details here. We start Takeoff from June 3rd (Wednesday). Watch out for interesting products and startups every day – engage with them/discover great products that will help you. Be the early adopter. Meanwhile, you can signup for the weekly newsletter of curated products here:

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