List Of Startup Winners At IBM GEP SmartCamp From Pune And Mumbai

IBM GEP SmartCamp has announced the winners and finalists for Pune and Mumbai city.

Smartcloud Infotech– Provides Employee Transportation Services for corporate BPOs organizing employee commute is extremely daunting due to large volumes, multiple shifts, time critical operations, lack of automation, personal safety threats (especially for women) and related challenging government regulations.

Perpetuuiti Technosoft Services– It is a global enterprise software company focused on building Software products that address IT Service Continuity & Availability Assurance, Orchestration and Automation challenges for On-Premises or Cloud Deployments. The problem that Perpetuuiti is addressing is quite sizeable.

kPoint– It is a comprehensive enterprise platform for video enabling organizations. The platform gives organizations the power to easily create enhanced video that is internally searchable, demonstrative, and interactive. It is an enterprise wide video solution that integrates with many standard enterprise applications and can be used as a stand alone video tool as well. The platform is delivered as a cloud based service which is responsive and users are not hampered by working with large files. Viewers are given a versatile viewing experience on multiple devices and powerful search capabilities. Security standards are enterprise level and demands on IT for implementation and support are low. The built in analytics engine gives administrators detailed and actionable data on viewership by videos, by users, and heatmaps of viewership along a video’s timeline.

Remedy Social– A developed health risk assessment platform that helps organizations have their employees take a short online risk assessment, to get a snapshot of their health, and then based on the aggregated report of their health we help them make an informed decision regarding their healthcare related investments. We can help them use this platform and also track year-on-year improvement in health.

WoNoBo– Provide a technology platform to businesses for use on their websites as an API. Typical use cases include navigation, real estate, logistics, smart cities and evolving hyperlocal discovery platforms.

LocoBuzz– A SaaS platform which converges Social Media Listening, Data Analytics, email Marketing along with plugins for CRM integration and Customer data enrichment, enabling cross channel marketing and analytics driven Marketing Automation.

Maximojo– The startup simplifies the connect between hotels & distribution agents – online travel sites, GDS, etc. (“As easy as setting up an internet email account”). Answers the hotelier’s key question “what should i price my rooms today?” (analytics, etc)

Banyanpod Technologies– Once the Fropcorn Servers are deployed at any location, they create a WiFi-enabled entertainment hotspot that lets users stream or download full-length movies and short-form content onto their own devices. The USP: the solution is independent of internet and works in data-dark environments, resulting in no data usage for users and consequently, no data costs. It is available at a time when the user is travelling in a bus or train or about to board a flight, where other entertainment options or data access are limited.

Premat Solutions– Any data generated from involved users and processes is collected on a central platform. Managers and Project Owners get insights from the centralized data to help in decisions. The  integrated solutions solve the core problem of project executed in silos, rather than simply replacing one silo by another. The tools for Procurement & Document Management are cost effective by an order of magnitude compared to the tools currently being used.

Takemyshipment– It seeks to provide one stop shop for all logistics needs for businesses. The startup saya that the need for this arose as businesses grapple with the task of finding good transporters at best prices in an efficient, effective, fast and transparent manner.

Bizongo– One of the main reasons behind Bizongo’s birth was the lack of objective specifications and critical information for industrial products on today’s e-commerce platforms. The robust search, extensive data filters and arrangement of products on the website helps a buyer seamlessly navigate on the platform and further reach to his desired product Suppliers, dealers, traders in the Indian business ecosystem use several communication mediums to deal with the buyer.

ePaisa– It provides a free android app and some features are – A robust point of sale solution that handles billing and inventory management requirements works anywhere and doesn’t require huge hardware and software investments. With simplified, industry wise catalogues and barcode commands, onboarding and regularly incoming inventory are a breeze to manage.

Intouch Consumer– Patent-pending non-intrusive data capture technology allows to capture transaction data from any system in a matter of minutes without having to spend a lot of effort on point-to-point integration. Using this technology the startup can collate data from disparate systems, process them centrally on cloud based server using a parser engine and present it to the enterprise as actionable data.

AllizHealth– This startup built a “Health Management Platform” with a focus on the entire care cycle by proactively engaging users from risk identification, disease prevention, surveillance and screening; disease management for periods of illness; care transitions; health promotion; or wellness and education. The platform works on the three key elements of identification, tracking and mitigation; help users identify the health problems early; have options to track such risks and access resources to mitigate the same.

AUREUS ANALYTICS– AUPERA is an advance predictive analytics products that can help insurers identify the most likely to churn / lapse customers. AUPERA leverages data from multiple sources – internal and external, and structured or unstructured – to assign a risk score to individuals. Once the risky customers are identified based on their demographics, interactions and transactions, the insurer can take corrective action to control attrition.


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