#StartupAdvice: Tell us the most useful startup advice you received and win a pass to UnPluggd

“A good CA is a godsend”

“Get your own office space. Helps build your ‘own’ culture”

“Don’t worry about short term money. Create something bigger.”

These are some of the great startup advice I have received from well wishers and never actually had a chance to share these.

Today, we are announcing an ultra cool twitter contest asking entrepreneurs to share advice they received from friends and well wishers. The idea is to collate all great tactical/strategic advice in one place and make it available for entrepreneurs.

And of course, 5 randomly selected tweets will win you UnPluggd ticket!

Contest Rules

– Contest starts today (Nov 9th) and ends on Nov 10th.

– You can participate any number of times.

– You can also @mention the person who gave you that advice (assuming he/she is on Twitter).

– You need to follow @pluggdin on Twitter. Winners will be DMed (on Nov 11th). In total, there will be 10 winners (5/day).

– Syntax: “<Startup Advice>” #StartupAdvice http://unpluggd.org

For example. A good CA is a godsend #StartupAdvice by @person http://unpluggd.org

UnPluggd: Details

Date: December 1, 2012.
Venue: MLR Convention Center, Brigade Millennium Campus, 7th Phase J.P.Nagar, Bangalore – 560 078 (map).
Contact Details: ankur@NextBigWhat.com
Ticketing Link : http://www.NextBigWhat.com/unpluggd/seat/