#StartupDogFood : We Ate 9. And You?

The NextBigWhat team used atleast 9 startup services for UnPluggd.

Problem Statement : We just do not have enough early adopters in the country.

Possible Solution : Start a Facebook group and collate all of them (a.k.a #armchairadoption).Unpluggd 7 (23)

Better Solution : Adopt.

The NextBigWhat team used atleast 9 startup services for UnPluggd

In no particular order, here goes the list:

Freshdesk : for managing startup submissions. This is a case study in itself. More on that later.

AurusNet : for live broadcasting.

MuHive : The company launched at UnPluggd and we also used their service to track all social media chatter around UnPluggd.

MagicBites : For the cupcakes, which was distributed towards the end. Those who missed it, well you missed it.

WowMakers : For designing all creative stuff for UnPluggd.

Ayojak and PayUPaisa : For ticketing

Kookoo : For handling call services. We could easily switch from one (redirected) number to another. Helps plan a mega event like UnPluggd.

StoryThread : They designed and printed the tees.

FastTrackApps : The enthusiastic team built the unofficial UnPluggd Android app on their own and published it to the play store.

Wanna be an early adopter?

Well, adopt. It’s as simple as that. Eat the #startupdogfood!

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