Celebrating Startups and Bollywood = #StartupWood [A Fun-filled Tweet contest for UnPluggd tickets]

Startups are almost like a Bollywood story – drama, romance and a lot of action ( hopefully with happy endings :))

Given the TGIF moment of today (i.e. Thank God It’s Friday), we just thought we will play a mixer today and start a fun contest around startup life and the Bollywood connection.

“7 Bug Maaf” – after all, that’s how you define a ‘beta’ product, right?

“Yeh termsheet mujhe de de thakur”

We invite all ye startup crazy people to celebrate the startup life and how it connects with Bollywood. Tweak a movie name (“Hum bplan de chuke sanam”) to mashup dialogues – the stage is all yours.

Contest Rules are very simple:

– Contest starts today (Nov 23rd) and ends on Saturday (Nov 24th).

– The contest goes live on Twitter as well as Facebook.

Twitter format is very simple : “Bollywood Dialogue/Movie Name” #startupwood unpluggd.org [e.g. 7 Bug Maaf #startupwood unpluggd.org]

Facebook format : <Dialogue/Movie name> #startupwood UnPluggd.org [e.g. 7 Bug Maaf #startupwood unpluggd.org]

– You can participate N number of times.

– Winners  (10/day : 5 FB, 5 Twitter) will be DMed/Messaged on Monday (you need to follow @NextBigWhat for us to DM you).


Winners announced:

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