#TheGoodness : Startups And Corporates Come Together To Provide Relief For #ChennaiRains

In the wake of major floods due to the heavy downpour in Tamil Nadu, startups and corporates like Zomato, Practo, Zoomcar, Olacabs, Paytm and Airtel, etc have volunteered to provide relief activities in Chennai’s flood-stricken areas.

In the wake of major floods in Tamil Nadu, startups and corporates like Zomato, Practo, Zoomcar, Ola Cabs, Paytm and Airtel, etc have volunteered to provide relief activities in Chennai’s flood-stricken areas.

Chennai Rains
Chennai Rains

The first instance of relief activities in Chennai was from Ola Cabs last month—they were providing free ferry service in coordination with local fishermen and Fire and Rescue Department of Tamil Nadu. Ola is continuing with the service and is providing assistance to citizens and providing safety zones.

Paytm now lets you recharge your friend’s phone if they are stuck in Chennai through its app and it can be done for free.

paytm maps

Zomato is offering help by letting its customers buy two meals for a people stuck in Chennai; Zomato will buy one additionally for the customer in Chennai. They have also asked citizens to join their relief efforts and help them get food to the affected areas. Zomato claims that they have already received 15,000 meal offers for people in Chennai, taking the total no of meals to over 30,000.

Healthcare startup Practo has put a list of verified doctors and hospitals who can help  citizens which is  being updated every hour, said the company.

Zoomcar will support people in need today through free pickup from home to the nearest hospital.

NOTE: Do check out http://chennairains.org/ for a comprehensive data on people offering shelter (Also : A Google maps layer that will help you avoid rain affected roads).

Startup Lookup that lets users have  a direct chat app with local stores, has partnered with Bhumi, a non-profit organisation. The users of Lookup can now donate right away from their doorstep after sharing the pick-up location on the app. The startup is also rewarding the ones who come forward, with a t-shirt.

Bharti Airtel has announced an auto credit of upto Rs 30 talk time, free of cost credit of 10 minutes of Airtel-to-Airtel calling and free of cost credit of 50MB mobile data for its prepaid customers. The company also said that its postpaid customers will get more time to make the payment and will experience uninterrupted services.

  1. Except Airtel (which isn’t a startup) – which is giving away free and very helpful minutes/data – and zoomcar – giving away free pickup between home and hospital – other companies seem to be using this as an opportunity to sell themselves.

    Especially Zomato: if they want to help someone in need, then need to do it unconditionally – not say you buy two we’ll buy one. The graphic & the word-play between Flood & Food is also in bad “taste”

    Next, Ola: the number provided is that of the fire department and they claim to be working with them. They are using this as means to generate leads. They aren’t providing free rides or incentives for drivers in rain-affected areas. Zilch.

    Paytm: Can recharge friend’s number for free? I can do that at any time from anywhere using multiple other ways.

    Please don’t give undue praise to these companies. I hope people see the shallowness in these companies.

    1. Yes, while the start ups are doing there fare bit of marketing. But, they have shown some commitment towards the situation and if they take a little credit then why not?
      What are the other big brands doing about this situation? Has bisleri volunteered to provide free drinking water, or have famous restaurants volunteered to give free food.
      I guess, sometimes the initiatives need to be appreciated and not what the intention behind it. These brands are setting examples and should be encouraged rather than pointing fingers that they are doing it for there marketing or branding. Its not just the Govt & NGOs who are responsible to deal the situation.

      1. The pointing fingers is because they claim to be helping and claiming credit for it when they actually aren’t (read my comment properly).

        If they do and publicize noone will have a problem (see Zoomcar above)

        Notice the differences. Don’t be swept away by the word play and tweets.

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