How Startups Can Do Business With Big Companies: Sanjay Swamy of AngelPrime

At some point, dealing with large companies or corporations becomes inevitable for many startups. But large companies can be really tough to deal with. The reasons could be many. Ranging from the fact that they don’t care about your offering enough to be serious about it to there are too many people doing too many things at large companies. Large companies also tend to dictate terms of a deal and will not hesitate to drop a startup, when offered a newer, better deal or product.

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Sanjay Swamy, Managing Partner, Angel Prime

Sanjay Swamy, Managing Partner at AngelPrime, was previously the CEO at mChek. As the CEO of the payment solutions company mChek, he has had a lot of experience dealing with large companies.

Sanjay says that, complex sales cycles and terms are one of the key challenges in dealing with large companies. According to him before you decide to engage with a a large corporations, being a startup, you have to ask yourself some key questions.  Like whether you really need a large company as your client or  whether your product/service is going to create a revenue stream/differentiator for them and so on.

On the other, he says that, there are enough doubts and apprehensions large companies will have before dealing with startups. Some of the key doubts or apprehensions large companies have include will the startup be around, will they survive, will they be able to scale to meet the companies requirements etc.

At our recently held startup event UnPluggd Sanjay Swamy shared some interesting insights and pointers on ‘How To Work With Large Companies’.

You can watch the video of the entire presentation below.

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