Bring back those Startups, the ones who started the fire!

Being India’s biggest media platform for technology entrepreneurs and our obsession towards product companies, we have seen some great businesses that started in 2007-09 and sad demise of these companies.

We believe that some of these ideas were way ahead of the time (maybe the format wasn’t right?) and today, we decided to revisit some of these startups/concepts hoping that new gen entrepreneurs will pick them up.

#Ziva, #YahooLocalSearch?

Ziva has shutdown, so has Yahoo local search (well, almost! they are living in Getit’s home now).yahoolocal_thumb.jpg

Ziva was ahead of the time, especially with their mobile search engine technology (they were powering Jusdial local search for some time).

Local search is still a huge opportunity. But ways to access to this information has changed. Smartphones have changed the game and while incumbents like Justdial own a significant portion of the market share, there still lies an opportunity to build a better local search engine (socially aware?). But this time, maybe an app-only concept that uses your location, friends data and serves you the right output.

What about the current players? They all are focused on lifestyle segment (i.e. restaurants/theaters etc), but your local search queries spans beyond that. Isn’t it?

Infact, one of the key opportunities in local space is the community part – the hyperlocal community. And unlike 2009, some of these could be just app-only ideas (in 2009, the web startups were ahead of the time; and as a platform, web seems to be now taken over by the mobile web).


The map/direction problem isn’t totally solved yet.

Location Search on RouteGuru
Location Search on RouteGuru

Of course, Google maps and navigation business, in general has evolved over the last few years, but given the complexity of the data, we still believe that this space needs more push, more innovation.

Why? Because the roads haven’t yet evolved in India, finding driving direction still is a mess (except for few parts in metro cities).

Plus, who are the top 5 players after Google maps and MapMyIndia in India?

Can this opportunity accomodate only 2-3 players? Actually, not!

#Voice Recognition.

Nobody has got it right! Nobody.
Google tried and failed. Nuance and others are doing a great job, but this needs more lateral thinking, more innovation.

And the opportunity? Consumers are ready. More people are carrying smartphones that have the ability to act as per your wish.
And input need not be the keyboard, it should be the voice.
That’s the BoP plan, my friend!

#Personal Finance services.

Help me understand, why moneycontrol still controls the stock market chatter? Several startups have tried this and well, there is no second or third player in the market yet.

#Jobeehive/Employer Rating

There was a time when startups wanted to build products focused on rating one’s employer/salary comparison data etc and well, while some of them are still around (with very litte traction), the opportunity hasn’t died down.talentty-thumb.jpg
People are still confused about the jobs, the company and yeah, your salary still needs to be compared and benchmarked against your peers.

Nothing has changed, right?

#Classifieds Anyone?

Why is naukri still the naukri, shaadi still the shaadi of India?
A lot tried and failed but with the emergence of social networks,Instagram and the new new device (i.e. smartphone devices), there HAS to be a lateral approach to building classifieds service that appeals to the connected generation.

While we totally respect the incumbents and the leaders, we also believe that they need a tough competition and most certainly, it won’t come from the Number 2 player, but from an underdog who is currently working in..a garage!

So if you are one, let’s talk!

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