A Look at Startups that Launched / Demoed at UnPluggd

UnPluggd is about powerful startup demos and here are the 9 companies who were selected to hit the main stage.

UnPluggd is about powerful startup demos and here are the 9 companies who were selected to hit the main stage.

In no particular order:


Launched at UnPluggd, Appacitive lets you draw your application model on the graphical designer (no coding required), use your diagram as a blueprint to generate a corresponding backend on the cloud ready to integrate with your app, and use SDKs/ APIs to integrate with your app. [coverage]


Lumos Design Tech designs, and sells a range of apparel fit with Solar Panels. The company launched its product at UnPluggd.

Their first product is a Mobile-charging Backpack. This product has already been prototyped and the second version is in works. A Laptop-charging Backpack is already in the design phase. A prototype for a Display T-shirt has also been prepared – this is a t-shirt that can play presentations or images or videos powered by Solar Panels/Batteries.


PromptCloud offers data as a service for enterprises that deal with large amounts of data be it in travel, e-commerce, market research or any other vertical and need to leverage insights from it.


Launched at UnPluggd, TheMediaAnt aims to democratize information related to media options for mid-sized companies including small enterprises, which don’t have access to media agencies.

While businesses struggle to get information related to all the media options for advertising, media owners have no easy access to reach out to 1000s of potential advertisers. With intention to bridge this gap, Bangalore based The Media Ant has launched a marketplace for media options in India, starting with non-traditional media options.


FortunePay offers comprehensive an end-to-end electronic payment platform and services to make electronic payment acceptance convenient, user-friendly, cheaper and ubiquitous for acquiring banks and merchants.

Their solution includes a comprehensive payment stack that directly connects merchants / consumers to banks and payment networks. They also provide near-real time feedback on status of payment transactions, fraud rating of transactions.


To provide end to end cutting room solution to reduce manual decision making in the garment manufacturing segment,  ThreadSol Softwares Private Limited has launched intelloCut. It primarily aims to improve the overall fabric usage, minimize fabric wastage and reduce labor and operational time in garment manufacturing segment.


AirGol offers video as a service for mass consumers and enterprises. Its a social app on the cloud and can be used on any iOS or Android device. The app was made by Noida headquartered OnGraph Technologies, an enterprise/consumer web and mobile applications development outsourcing services company.


Paceable is looking to redefine business e-mail. With Paceable, you can view real time activity of your team members, add notes for discussion, assign tasks, schedule reminders and more from your e-mail window. It also offers analytics to the user to improve productivity. The product, is being built by Pradeep Kumar and Swetanshu Mohapatra who co-founded Foodkhoj earlier. They are now building Paceable which was incubated at Startup Chile.

Its a productivity app in Email, for teams working in collaboration.    Small and Medium Businesses collaborate with their team members without falling prey to complicated CRM and Help Desk solutions. Paceable enables a ‘private window’ between ‘team members’ who are cc-ed / bcc-ed together in an email – to view ‘real time’ activity of other members, chat, add notes, schedule reminders etc in context of that ‘particular email’.


Eating out at one’s favourite restaurant or food joint has always been treat to their taste bud, however waiting outside is a real pain unless you have ample leisure time.  It is here that Delhi based startup TableGrabbercomes to your help. The portal helps you reserve restaurant seats online. You can bypass the hassles of calling and emailing the restaurants to find out about the booking availability and confirmation.

For those who want to connect with startups, share with others, feel free to use the embedded slideshow.

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