Startups pSocial brings an interest based open (social) network

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Startups pSocial brings an interest based open (social) network

It appears we aren’t done with new social networks yet. Mumbai based pSocial wants to be “the” interest based social network of note in India. The platform uses images and videos on a pinterest like interface and helps users to curate content according to their interests. The idea is to increase discovery and relevance.


The team behind psocial says that its got a likability and similarity algorithm to connect people and monitor behavior to keep suggestions relevant.

Says Vineet Budki, CEO & Founder of pSocial : “Majority of social networks now are text based and search seems boring where seo can show you irrelevant stuff. But human curation helps you find good content.”

The revenue model?

pSocial wants to initiate social commerce by creating a community of opinion leaders and interest enthusiasts.

The interface has a few rough edges. For instance on the screen, even after you write over the suggestions in fields, the suggestions remain. The site allows only people between the age of 10-30 to join, which probably needs a revisit. The company was founded only in July last year, so its still in its early days.

Signup is quite easy. You can opt for a Google or Twitter sign up. You can also fill up your credentials and create a pSocial account. Once you sign up, you can pick up to 10 topics that interest you. It then opts you into following a bunch of people in the same interest group.

One can invite friends to earn “pSos” points to redeem it against mobile recharge or other products listed on the site. Like all social networks, pSocial will need its cat videos, women, influencers and early adopters to reach a point where signup becomes organic.

In fact, even though Facebook is hugely popular, there is certainly a need to connect people over their interests/locations and several other parameters – but don’t you think that the Facebook killer will not be a desktop service, but an app-only company?

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