Startups, UnPluggd Nomination Form is Live

The next edition of UnPluggd is scheduled for December 1st in Bangalore and the nomination form is live now (

UnPluggd : Cloud and Mobility Edition
UnPluggd : Cloud and Mobility Edition

Launch @UnPluggd

Starting today, we will accept the nomination from startups to demo at the event. If you are a startup or a product company, you get an opportunity to demo your product in front of India (and SE Asia)’s investor/corporate/geeky community.

Since the last edition, we made a few changes to the whole demo process (read this carefully):

Any product company that is launching a new product can apply for the nomination slot. Earlier it was only startups, but now given that a lot of startups are going great guns, we realized that we need to give them a visibility platform as well.

Having said that, the preference will be given to startups who are launching @UnPluggd. 

Importantly, since the UnPluggd theme is centered around Cloud and Mobility, we would like to see more and more of startups from these verticals

Nomination Form

Nomination FAQs

Qn: Who can apply?
Early stage technology product startups and Product companies. Preference is given to those who are launching at UnPluggd (i.e. you should be launching your startup @UnPluggd).

Qn: What is the nomination process like?
Once the nomination is closed (deadline is Nov 16th, 2012), 30 companies will be selected (for second round) and these companies will be contacted via email. The selection panel will schedule meetings/skype conference with the companies in order to understand their business in depth and the final set of companies will be selected for the demo slot.

Qn: Who sees my submission?
The team (Ashish Sinha & Pratyush Prasanna). At a later stage, we will announce the panel and you can choose not to share details with a panel member, if you aren’t comfortable with the names (for competitive reasons). If you are selected for further rounds, we will get in touch with you to discuss more about the panel details/process.

Qn: I want to launch my product at UnPluggd!
Nothing like launching your product at an event where you can derive maximum eye balls – right from angel investors to VCs, media and most importantly, early adopters. Send in your nominationright away.

Qn: Do presenting companies have to pay?
Presenting companies DO NOT have to pay to showcase at the event. Having said that, you will have to bear your travel/stay/event entry charges.

Qn: What about nomination? Is it free?
Yes. Free as in, Free. Totally free.

Qn: We are still developing the product and plan to launch it by Dec. Are we eligible?
In general, we don’t want to showcase just prototypes, but we suggest that you go ahead and nominate your startup. If you have a matured prototype (with thought-thru’ use cases), we would surely love to have you at the event.

Qn: We are a services company. Should I apply? has mostly been about product startups and that’s where we will focus this time too. Of course the event itself would be a great opportunity to meet potential customers, startups and cool people.

Qn: We haven’t yet started making money. Shall we nominate ourselves?
Well, it takes a while for product companies to monetize (especially in India). We respect IP (Intellectual Properties) – so apply right away.

Qn: Who are the VCs attending the event?
Pretty much all the known (and unknown) names. Apart from VC firms, a lot of angel investors will be present at India’s finest Startup event, UnPluggd.

Qn: I have more questions.
Do join our Facebook group ( and ask the question there itself. Otherwise, you can ask here (in the comment section) or get in touch with us [email:]. Do mention “UnPluggd” in the subject line.

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