Report: State of Internet Connectivity in India [114th position globally]

Akamai’s report on the State of the Internet reveals some pretty interesting facts about the penetration, adoption and evolution of internet services in world. Internet adoption and usage in a country is an important statistic to gauge the state of ICT (Information and Communication Technology in a country).

The report for Q4 2011 includes data gathered from across the Akamai Intelligent Platform during the fourth quarter of 2011 about attack traffic, broadband adoption, and mobile connectivity. It reveals that the average Internet connection speed around the world was 2.3 Mbps by the end of 2011. That’s down about 14 per cent from the previous quarter. While India’s all time competitor China ranks ahead in almost all aspects, India’s results are not that bad. On one hand where China ranks 86 in average internet speeds, India stood at 114. China saw lower growth in the fourth quarter remaining at 1.5 Mbps. However, India gave some gains with an average connection speed of 0.9 Mbps.


India remained the only country within the APAC region that has an average connection speed below 1 Mbps. It ranks 5th among other countries to have a narrowband connectivity. From a year-over-year perspective, 34 countries/regions around the world saw lower narrowband adoption levels than at the end of 2010.

In APAC with the exception of India, narrowband adoption continued to be below 10 per cent. However, continued quarterly and yearly declines in narrowband adoption within India represent encouraging short- and long-term trends, though it will obviously be quite some time before the country’s narrowband adoption levels are more closely aligned with the rest of the surveyed Asia Pacific countries/regions.


According to the report only 5 APAC countries saw connection growth over 5 Mbps. China’s 45 per cent quarterly increase was the largest of the bunch, and followed a 78 per cent gain in the prior quarter. Growth in the remaining four countries/regions was all below 6 per cent. India saw less than 10 per cent yearly growth, though at 0.5 per cent high broadband adoption, it ends 2011 nearly 10 per cent higher than at the end of 2010, though still well under 1 per cent


In terms of attack traffic China, at 13 percent, generated the most attack traffic. The United States with 10 per cent and Indonesia with 7.6 per cent rounded out the top three. Total observed attack traffic aggregated by region shows that Asia Pacific/Oceania generated 45 per cent of such attack traffic with India at 3 per cent, Europe 33 percent and Africa a mere two percent.


Asia’s weighted average broadband adoption level remained essentially flat during the four-year period up less than 1 per cent. As higher speed connectivity becomes more widely available throughout developing countries within the region, especially in larger countries like India and China, we expect that the weighted average broadband adoption level will grow in the future.

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