Stay Close to the Cash

Ask yourself why you’ve chosen a career in marketing? What do you believe that really means in terms of your contribution to the cash-generating machine?

If you haven’t proactively chosen a marketing role but ended up with it as an additional responsibility, how will you fine-tune your marketing and business acumen to ensure relevance when it’s potentially not your real passion or area of expertise?

Challenge your marketing-role paradigm.

  • Are you hiding from revenue responsibility in the marketing department?
  • Why are you in marketing instead of sales, product development, or some other role or division?
  • What’s your contribution beyond traditional (and important) marketing activities to ensure the long-term growth and viability of your company?
  • Ask yourself on a daily or hourly basis, How is what I’m working on now ensuring cash generation for the company?
  • How will you insulate yourself from the winds of change (a.k.a. the whims of the C-suite) when they need to cut costs or change strategy?

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