Stayzilla shuts down for now; Halts its operations.

Stayzilla has announced that the company will reboot its operations. The company has, in a way shutdown for the time being and the team has been let go while the founders figure out a new business model.
Stayzilla has raised more than $35mn from investors including Nexus and Matrix partners.
In cofounder, Yogi’s words:

I would like to announce today that we would be bringing to a halt the operations of Stayzilla in its current form, and looking to reboot it with a different business model.

This has been one of the toughest decisions that I have taken so far but it is the right thing to do. The hardest part is saying goodbye to a perfect team that has accomplished a lot by putting Homestays on the map of India. I am the most fortunate to have had such a team on my side at this juncture. Whatever and how much ever I write about them is not going to do justice to their commitment. But try, I must!

Why Stayzilla Failed?

Despite having a very clear lead, despite a lot of firsts, despite being successful in getting an ecosystem up from scratch pan-India, there are a few reasons why we are at this juncture.

The travel marketplace does not have local network effects and, therefore, we can’t really take a focused city-by-city approach in terms of matching supply and demand. The demand and supply for homestays was non-existent 18 months back, excluding a few small pockets. As a result, we had to invest extensively in both sides of the marketplace, creating homestays as well as guests who would choose a homestay across the country. We were actually successful at this—we have created 8000 homestays in over 900 towns—but this stretched us thin.

This was further exacerbated by the discounting based growth rampant in the travel industry since 2015. Forced to match prices, we could not even recoup what we put in, necessitating very large capital requirement simply to sustain growth.

[Stayzila founder, Yogi]


Introducing Project #SaveTalent : Let’s get everybody from Stayzilla employed – if you are hiring, go ahead and post your job details here. Also look at the job board.

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