Stayzilla Trolls OYO Rooms Over Trademark Issues [#OYOMama]

The saga of the Indian startup trolls continues…

Infringing on trademarks and IP rights can often lead to heated court battles, which almost always results in someone paying someone a lot of money, even if it’s just the companies paying their  lawyers.OyoMama-Troll
However, when OYO Rooms, a branded network of budget hotels, infringed on its rival Stayzilla’s trademark, rather than the exchange of a bunch of boring legal documents, something unexpected (and totally fun) happened.
It started off with Oyo Rooms using ‘Stayzilla’ in a Google AdWord copy, in the hope to drive more traffic onto its site and also seem smug. As Suhasini Kandaswami, an IP Lawyer and author of the original post, puts it – it wasn’t just a trademark violation, it was also a huge breach of Google’s advertising policy.
Oyo Vs StayZilla
Rather than getting into legal intricacies, Stayzilla made use of the popular Yo Mama joke to troll Oyo Rooms into stop infringing on its trademark. The events (obviously) unfolded on Twitter for the world to see.
Here’s a few of the best ones:

#OYoMama so fat her weighing scale is always stuck at 999! @oyorooms

What happened between Stayzilla and Oyo Rooms only went on to prove how confident Stayzilla was with their marketing and social media, executing a campaign which could have backfired easily so beautifully.
Trolling rivals to grab eyes and the customer’s mind is the new game Indian startups are playing, and all we can say is keep it coming 😀
Roundup of latest trolls:

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