Step 4: Test Your Data-Backed Messaging to Prove What Will Work (4 to 6 Weeks)

A lot of marketing agencies run high-cost tests and hope for the best. They spend a huge chunk of the budget on ads that may not work, without considering the client’s needs. From the marketing agency’s perspective, if it doesn’t work out, they always have more creative ideas waiting in the wings, and they know that many business owners will just keep footing the bill.

Political marketers know better. Testing is a tried-and-true part of our playbook. Before launching a full marketing campaign, political marketers typically test dozens of slightly different ads to see which ones get traction.

It’s a genius move because it allows you to see which messages will most effectively advance your customers to conversion—and to do it at a very low cost. You’re able to constantly evaluate your ROI at scale, without wasting a lot of money on messages that don’t work.

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