Step Up to Switch this Alarm App Off

It’s the weekend and we all just love sleeping in. But what happens when Monday morning comes. We set an alarm but  more often than not hit the snooze button. A…

Walk-me-up-4It’s the weekend and we all just love sleeping in. But what happens when Monday morning comes. We set an alarm but  more often than not hit the snooze button. A new Android app from Moosa Labs hopes to solve that problem.

Walk Me Up! Alarm Clock is a unique alarm that stops ringing only once you have taken a certain number of steps. If anything else can’t wake you up, we are sure this will get you out of bed and get your day started on time.  Don’t think shaking the phone will help. You actually have to take those steps.

The app itself is very simple and pretty easy to use. Once you have downloaded the app, the first thing you will have to do is set it up. There are various options to customize it to your personal preference.

You can set the number of steps as well as the step sensitivity. There are also options to change the alarm volume, the snooze duration and can also customize the ringtone.

The two most interesting options are the Voice Assistance which wakes you up with the name of the alarm you have set and counts the steps aloud for you and the Evil Mode which removes the snooze button making sure you take all the steps you have set.

When setting the number of steps you can choose between 5, 10, 15, 20, 30 and 50 steps. When we tested out the app we noticed that the app was quite responsive and detected our steps very easily when we set the step counter to high sensitivity. We would have loved an option where we could have customized the steps further.

The alarm also has a Quick Alarm option in which you can set an alarm after  1, 5, 10, 30 minutes or after 1, 2 or 6 hours.

The user interface is pre-Ice Cream Sandwich and does not follow any of the Holo Android guidelines. The background is highly textured and the fonts have been customized. For people using an Android 4.0+ device the design might be a little jarring but considering this is an alarm app one won’t be spending too much time inside the app. When we spoke to the developers they said that this was their first app and that they plan to update the UI to Holo.

While this app is unique that you actually have to get out of bed to turn off the alarm, there are other Android apps which also try waking you up in various ways. These are just some of them.

I Can’t Wake Up! Alarm Clock – You have to complete various tasks like solve math equations, find pairs for colored tiles, set tiles in correct order, carefully rewrite randomly generated text and shake your phone until you feel awake before the alarm goes off.

AlarmDroid– This app provides a speaking clock, which not only announces the time but even the local weather conditions.

Alarm Clock Plus – This app also has math problems to be solved before it can be switched off. It also has an option to turn the LED flash on with the alarm.

Walk Me Up! Alarm Clock is available both as a free (download here) and a pro-version (download here). The free version is ad-supported but has all the features of the Pro one. The developers say they plan to get more features to Pro version soon.

Do give this app a try and let us know if it helped take away the Monday Blues.

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