DailyDose: Steve Jobs biopic starring Ashton Kutcher to debut at Sundance in January


DailyDose: Steve Jobs biopic starring Ashton Kutcher to debut at Sundance in January

Ashton Kutcher’s Steve Jobs Biopic To Debut At Sundance In January
jOBS, the first biopic to be released since the death of Steve Jobs last year will debut at the Sundance festival in January. The movie, covers the most important 30 years of Jobs’ life from 1971. The debut will be on the final night of Sundance. [Source]

Ashton Kutcher (Image: Wikipedia)

Three new surface tablets in 2013?

Microsoft is rumored to release three new generations of surface tablets in 2013. The first is said to be an 8.6 inch surface RT 2, on Qualcomm chipset. The Microsoft Pro is also said to be getting an upgrade to 11.6 inch display and AMD Temash APU. A new surface book will have a 14.6 inch display with a next gen 22nm Haswell chip from Intel. [Source]

Plivo raises $1.75 million

Y Combinator backed cloud telephony startup raised $1.75 million in seed fund from Andreessen Horowitz, Battery Ventures, Qualcomm Inc and SV Angel. Plivo will use the funds to develop the product, grow sales and marketing. [Source]

China’s dot-com darlings tap cheap global credit

Baidu Inc, Alibaba and tencent are tapping into low interest global credit. The big three plan to use the money to buy cash starved rivals and compete better abroad, reports Reuters. Baidu is looking for cross border acquisitions and to buy domestic competitors. [Source]

Entrepreneurs escape France as taxes rise

President Francois Hollande’s government is readying to finalize a budget law that will raise $31.7 billion in additional taxes. Some of the country’s entrepreneurs and wealthy are heading for the door, reports Bloomberg. For businesses, new measures include 75 % levy on income of more than 1 million euros. [Source]

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