Steve Jobs – RIP [You Were A God Among Humans]

To start an RIP column with a joke may sound inappropriate – but Steve Jobs was indeed different, and this one in particular celebrates his genius.

So the joke goes like this.

Bill Gates dies and goes to heaven.

St. Peter stops him at the Pearly Gates and says “stand in line, its been a busy weekend for us”.

“But I’m Bill Gates”, he shouts, “I gave the world the PC, Windows, Office, and donated money to charity”.

St. Peter replies, “In God’s eyes, all are equal – take a number”, says St. Peter and Bill Gates grudgingly goes to the back of a LOOOOOONG line.

Five minutes later, a limousine pulls up and the Pearly Gates open and let the car in. Looking from a distance, Bill Gates notices that its Steve Jobs stepping out. He goes running back to St. Peter and says, “How come I have to stand in line and Steve Jobs’ doesn’t?”.

And St. Peter replies, “That was God – he’d just gone to earth for the past few years….

Steve – you were a God among humans – and now are back home. I salute you for your passion and creativity – and we will sorely miss you – you’re back home because you’ve sown the seeds for the next 20 years and the world needs to catch-up to your genius.

Rest in Peace Steve!

[Guest article contributed by Sanjay Swamy.]

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