Steve Jobs’ Secret for Eliciting Questions

“In the early 2000s, Jobs was splitting his time between Apple and Pixar. He would spend most days at Apple, but then he would parachute into Pixar. He would have to figure out where his attention was needed really fast, so he would arrange sessions with all the different teams – the Cars team, the technology team, whatever – so there were a dozen or so people in each one. Then he would point to one person in each session and say:
“Tell me what’s not working at Pixar.”
“That person might offer something like, ‘The design team isn’t open to new technology we’re building.’ Jobs would ask others if they agreed. He would then choose someone else and say:
“Tell me what’s working at Pixar.”
Jobs would alternate between the two questions until he felt like he had a handle on what was going on.