Stop By And Say Happy Birthday To NextBigWhat


Stop By And Say Happy Birthday To NextBigWhat

Ladies and Gentlemen:

It’s our birthday today. It’s been three years since we rebranded to NextBigWhat. A lot has happened in the last few weeks/months – the startup ecosystem has been through a roller coaster ride, right from funding galore to the startup gurus and babas declaring dry days.

Well. Nothing lasts forever and in the true spirit of embracing change and fostering innovation, let me share what lies ahead (starting next week):

  1. Products, products and products.
    We earlier gave a hint at #Takeoff, the place to discover shiny new products every day. Starting next Monday, we go full-blast on that, at a very international level.
    In fact, #takeoff is going to drive the future of NextBigWhat and fulfill our dream of creating a massive ProductGeek community across the globe that drives product discovery among early adopters, CXOs and investors.To start off, from Monday onwards you will see three #takeoff products a day – we will be experiementing/learning and will surely look forward to your feedback/support.
  2. Tech & Startup News coverage
    We really stayed silent/under-the-radar the whole of this year as we refused to be a part of this maddening ‘startup funding = startup success‘ chatter.

    Our strategy on coverage of startup/tech news will mostly be what I’d call a strategy focused on curation/bringing *useful* news to our readers.We truly respect your time and believe that you shouldn’t be wasting a lot of it in reading news, when all you need is a short and crisp update. News has to be to-the-point. We have always believed in this and will experiment with more formats of news coverage.

  3. Community
    What sort of community elements would you like to see on NextBigWhat? We used to have a super active forum, but realized that discussions weren’t actionable always. Got some thoughts? Tell us ( are expanding focus/coverage area ensuring that we bring a great mix of tech + culture to our readers (fyi: there is a lot of interesting things/initiatives happening in India beyond startup space!).

The coming year is a big one for NextBigWhat, as it is for Indian product and tech ecosystem (there is one mega product that we are working on – launches this month).

It’s an exciting time ahead. And we’re looking forward to playing an enabler/ supporting role in this – egging folks on to dream bigger, bridging the gaps with the real world, asking the tough questions and bringing diverse, wide and unique perspectives to the table so it helps entrepreneurs and product teams truly make a difference, not just some money.

We are moving to a much bigger office by end of this month. We are also opening the site for partner companies to share their insights – all with a single focus to bring actionable insights to you.

PS : We are hiring (editor and journos).

We’d love to have your testimonials, wishes, comments, suggestions whatever – leave us a note! Just say, Hi !

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Thanking You (on behalf of the entire team)

Ashish Sinha.
Founder & CEO

» Our upcoming conference : UnPluggd

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  1. Wishing you grow better & bigger 🙂

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