Document Management Service, Kleeto Integrates with Gmail–Now Import Attachments and Store them (Securely)

Kleeto is a document management service that digitally secures your document (read our earlier coverage: Kleeto Helps You Digitally Secure Your Physical Documents).

Kleeto collects your physical documents, scans and digitizes it to make it available to your personal account in a categorized manner- Insurance, Bank, Property, etc. It also stores the same documents physically in high security warehouse, which can be delivered to the customer at his doorstep on demand.

Launched in December, 2010, kleeto is present in all major metro cities including Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Kolkata, Chennai, Pune etc. The NCR based company claims to have 10000 registered members (consumers) and corporate clients including Lumenis, Restolex, Aspirtek and Meerut-based Shobhit University. The company has extended their services for SMB and HR companies called as kleeto-HR and kleeto-SMB.

The service has now launched a new feature – “Import from Gmail” wherein kleeto customers can import attachments from their gmail account(s) directly into their kleeto account. Users can search their mails and import whatever needs to be preserved for longer periods. When they bring digital documents into kleeto account, content of all these documents become searchable.

Given that Kleeto follows a non-freemium pricing model, this feature (of importing Gmail attachments) gives them an opportunity to go freemium by enabling users to ‘test’ the service by importing Gmail documents to the service.

Also, given that a lot of companies use Google Apps service, it could be a sensible choice to store one’s document on an external secure system instead of keeping them on Gmail account. What’s your take?

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