Storrz : Social Shopping Mall presenting itself as a “social shopping mall”, brings a social experience to shopping. Merchants can set up stores at, which acts as a mall, and does not keep any inventory. Buyers deal directly with the associated stores. Storrz does quality control by calling the buyers and asking for satisfaction. The stores need to have a high score, or is  booted out of Storrz.

Moving beyond the basic reviews of the stores, Storrz allows buyers to tap into the wisdom of crowds for the buying decisions. Buyers can see which products their friends are buying and which products their friends are browsing. To assure their decisions, buyers can ask their friends and other users for the feedback. Stores have a Facebook like wall, where buyers can leave comment and feedback.

Currently they have about 50+ stores, and do business only in India.

Product Description
Storrz allows sellers to setup stores, and users to shop in a social environment, using the wisdom of their trused friends and the crowd.

Target Audience
Indian users having experience with social ntworks.

Competition and other e-shopping malls

.Net, MS Sql Server.

Funding Status

Other Statistics
55 Stores
2000+ Users

Time in operation
1 Year. Relaunched as a Social Shopping Mall 2 weeks ago.

Team Size
1 Founder. Current Team Size 8.


  • B2C
  • No Inventory at Storrz.
  • Stores have facebook like walls
  • Buyers can ask friends, merchants, others
  • Storrz does quality control using callback to users
  • India only for now.
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[This is a guest post by Shabda from, a Django web development shop and Lakshman profiling companies which presented at Proto. Shabda earlier wrote an article on bootstrapping in India. We will publish few of his startup analysis here.]

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