Stridalyzer Secures $25000 Funding (Kickstarter) To Add Fun To Your Running Regime

Stridalyzer by ReTiSense, a Bangalore based startup, which has been live on Kickstarter for a month have completed their campaign and surpassed their $25,000 funding goal. In 30 days, Stridalyzer was funded by 303 backers from 25 countries, collecting over $30,768.

Stridalyzer, which are basically insoles that you can place inside your shoes, analyses your running patterns with a patent-pending technology with multiple sensors integrated in the insoles, to detect how your foot lands, rolls and pushes off the ground. Once the app is turned on, Stridalyzer automatically understands that you are moving, and will start collecting data about your run.
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Stridalyzer interrupts only when an alert is required in case you start persistently overpronating, or if your footstrike pattern changes. In such cases, the app will provide a visual as well as an audio alert.
Strydalyzer, in addition to providing details about the user’s feet also provides info about the user’s knees. Stridalyzer can estimate the various stresses acting on the user’s knee and provide with alerts, guidance and detailed data for review, that can help understand when and how the user is overstressing your knees, and help prevent the “runner’s knee” syndrome.
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The app also provides real time foot-stress map from previous runs which can help analyse the kind of shoes that user needs to wear for optimal running.  The patent pending technology used in Stridalyzer helps monitor and track the three fundamental performance parameters: Stride Rate, Stride Length and Ground Contact Time.
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Stridalyzer will be available in the market around April 2015. Considering Stridalyzer’s unique tracking of both feet and knees as opposed to only one foot tracking by the competitors, coupled with focus on avoiding injuries and a lower price bracket of $120- $140, the product has created quite a buzz amongst running and tech enthusiasts for the final launch of the product.
ReTiSense was founded in June 2014 by Anshuman Singh and Shuvadeep Sarkar. ReTiSense is built on the foundation of “intelligent sensing” technology, and using sensed data to provide actionable guidance. Stridalyzer is ReTiSense’s first product geared exclusively for running enthusiasts, who want to understand and improve their running form and prevent injuries.
Check out Stridalyzer video:

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