Student Startup, fGrape aims to bring freshness to merchandizing business

fGrape is a student startup (started by DCE students) that aims to bring freshness to merchandizing business, using social merchandising. fgrape_tees

How is it different from others like Inkfruit etc , as far as the concept of crowdsourcing designs is concerned? The team makes an important point that these sites have made professional designers do ‘spec work’, which probably is taking away the creativity and is not helping in growing the market. fGrape is going a step further by asking people to sketch anything on a piece of paper and send over the design; and in the whole process, they are trying to create better interaction between the stakeholders (be it artists/fans , organisations/employees etc).

Here is a quick QnA with fGrape team:

Pi: What has been the traction so far?

fGrape team: The transaction hasn’t been much. Approximately 2000 tees. We had been doing business offline. Our online store launches in about a week.

Pi: How are you procuring tees etc?

fGrape team: We have various suppliers over NCR. Where we procure tees also depends on the order. [ for ex. for fests, people want ‘wear once’ quality, where in tees for alumni’s are made from high quality fabric. ]

Pi: What’s the % split for designers?
fGrape team: It’s usually 5-10% of sales, but we can work this differently if an artist says so. For ex., some artist could agree to give VIP passes to his show, instead of prize money. Have a look at for an interactive presentation

The site has three cofounders (Vineet Agarwal, Kamal Singh and Akshay Tyagi) and as far as customer segment is concerned, the team is running after consumers to schools/bands/enterprise to celebrities and the online avatar of the site will launch in about a week’s time.

Overall an interesting concept – and could wake up other established players to rethink the crowdsourcing concept. Having said that, some of these concepts work at a micro level, but things change drastically when you start thinking of process/templatizing interactions etc and that’s where ‘spec work’ takes over the creative freedom.

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