Student Startup, WhatNextPlus Helps You Decide Which College to Attend

After 12th, many students have confusion in deciding which college to choose for their graduation. Pune based WhatNeXT College Suggester Engine provides a list of Top 15 college choices using…

After 12th, many students have confusion in deciding which college to choose for their graduation. Pune based WhatNeXT College Suggester Engine provides a list of Top 15 college choices using the available previous year’s data, along with the various details of each college for a student based on the entrance exam score and the preferences that are specified, thus helps choosing more appropriate college for graduation after 12th.

In essence, WhatNextPlus is a college recommendation engine which provides College Suggestions based on students entrance exam score, cast, gender and other required parameters. Along with college suggestions, the site also provides college details like fees, hostel intake etc. whatnextplus

Started by Students of COEP (College of Engineering, Pune), WhatNextPlus is currently available only for Maharashtra Engineering colleges and helps a student get a decent idea of colleges where he/she can get into based on his/her score.
If you look at the admission process, there are various parameters which play important role in admission process. Like there is concept of Home or other than Home University, reservation for various casts, reservation for female candidate and cut off score variations bases on the round (CAP-1,CAP-2,CAP-3).

1. Why is the focus only on Maharashtra colleges?

First of all we were familiar with Maharashtra Admission Process and we knew the set of queries or problems students could face. Also for 2013-14 academic year admissions there is only on entrance exam is supposed to be conducted on national level (called NEET).

So instead of building college suggester for each state we thought about launching it for Maharashtra and checking out the feedback/response from students and parents. And as we are happy with the positive feedback we will be launching it on national level soon.

2.How does the service works?

We have gathered previous year’s cutoff for admission for all colleges through web crawling and we just match the data inputted by students (Category, Gender, CET Score, Preferences etc) to the data into our database and we provide the related suggestions.

3. What has been the traction so far?

Within a week after its launch we received terrific response from students and parents.Most of them were positive about the website and its usage. Apart from this we received too many phone calls, around 6 lakh hits to the website within two months, around 1700 likes for our facebook fan page. We had launched SMS based college suggester for the students who did not have access to the internet where students were supposed to send their data in specific format and we were providing college suggestions via sms. So we received around 3000 sms queries seeking college suggestions.

We also got featured in local media (news papers, tv channels) at that time and Hon Shri. Rajeshji Tope, Minister Higher & Technical Education,Government of Maharashtra appreciated our idea.

4. Future plans?

We are planning to take the website to national level where student can get all the information about colleges and admission procedure along with college suggestions at cost of few clicks.

Currently we are looking out for funding. If we get it then in future we might be able to do this on much larger scale.

Do give WhatNextPlus  a spin and share your comments.

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