Study Reveals The Most Popular Emoji Of This Diwali

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Study Reveals The Most Popular Emoji Of This Diwali

OnePlus India in association with SwiftKey conducted a study for 30 days before Diwali that revealed that the Padlock is the most popular emoji for this Diwali.

Indians sent the padlock 11 times more often than usual – that’s more than any other emoji being shared during that period.

Analysis came from emoji typed by people across the whole of India, in 22 different Indian languages, plus English and Hinglish.

Karan Sarin, Head of Marketing- India, OnePlus said, “Emoji is one of the fastest growing digital languages, and it’s astonishing to see how people have started expressing such a large variety of emotions through their smartphones. People of all ages and backgrounds are increasingly using emojis to share their thoughts and emotions with friends, family and colleagues. Who would think even a few years ago that emoji would become such an intrinsic part of our way of life? That propelled us to find out which are the most popular emoji being used by Indians this season and we are happy to share the findings with everyone.”

The report also uncovered just how diverse emoji usage is over the days leading up to Diwali by people across the four regions of India:


North: The padlock is the emoji that over indexed the most in the north, with north Indians sending this emoji 11 times more than usual over the festive period.

South: In the warm south, cocktails is the emoji that over indexed the most over Diwali, with southerners sending this emoji 14 times more than usual.

East: The padlock emoji is more popular among eastern Indians than anywhere else over Diwali. Eastern Indians sent it 12 times more than usual.

West: West Indians shared the ‘sooper se bhi upar’arrow more than any other emoji.

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