RIP StumbleUpon

16 years. Nearly 60 billion stumbles.
Personalized content to over 40 million users.
StumbleUpon pioneered content discovery on the web, before the concepts of the “like button”, “news feed” or “social media” were mainstream.
And now, SU is shutting down and transferring the content to, its own curation and discovery platform.

Since starting SU the number of people with internet access has grown nearly 10x, and mobile phones and social media have changed our lives. The number of platforms to share or host content has increased significantly, yet we still need better tools to help us filter through the exploding amount of content on the web, and find signal within the noise. And we’ve learned from SU that while simplicity and serendipity is important, so is enabling contextual curation (ie. “cool space photos”) instead of just clicking “I like it”. [via]

Adds Ashish:
The web definitely needs a layer of relevance – SU was a great platform for discovery, but with explosion of content, I am not sure whether the web needs a ‘generic’ relevance engine or ones catering to very specific niches (for eg. AI, Hiking, Cycling).
The mass audience, no matter what you and I believe is happy scrolling FB feeds and has probably moved on from ‘discovery’ to ‘platform’ like FB/WhatsApp.
What’s your take?