StupidChat : The new social network for anonymous chat and sharing

Social Media is full with Fake News, trolls, memes and harassment. No one is bared even celebrities.
StupidChat is brining a platform for users to be open and free to connect, chat and share with people around them without the fear of being judged or criticised, anonymously and secretly.


Notes from founders
For young generation users in schools and colleges usual social media has became a platform with fake news and people pretending to be someone else and being judged for posts/photos and above all a continues watch on them by people around.

We are growing over 100-120% MOM.

We are trying to build a complete Anonymous social network for people with age group of 15-25 where they have no fear of being tracked or sharing of their private details but with a just a secret name they can create their own friends network to connect, share and talk secretly and without the fear being judged or criticised.
Being Anonymous Platform we have omitted the cyber bully and harassment issues by introducing behaviour rating system and positive polls. StupidChat is all about positivity and encouraging and morally boosting friends but all happening secretly.
We have things like location based on realtime map chat system, contact based friends network, group secret poll.
Sourav Karmakar- Co-Founder/CEO (Ex Cognizant, Ex Cybersecurity Consultant – Government Agencies), B.Tech (CSE) , Ex Startups- SASLAB, Happy2Deliver, TrendieApp.
Saheb Roy- Co-Founder/CTO (EX- BlueGap/Murmur App) B.Tech CSE, Full Stack Engineer and Hacker. Created own bot to bypass IRCTC Captcha System for Ticket Booking.
Pramod Maloo- Co-Founder/CMO (Director-KreativeMachinez), MBA-IBS, Hyd. CEO of KreativeMachinez, Bootstrapped from 20K INR to 6Cr INR in ARR from team of 2 to 80.

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