Success isn’t a mistake: 8 steps to build the life you want.

Success isn’t a mistake. 8 steps to build the life you want. 🧵
Clock In: It’s time to go to work. There are no magic bullets & “get-rich-quick” doesn’t exist in the real world. Immerse yourself in learning, have a bias toward action, be willing to do what others won’t. Do this & you won’t need to look for results, they’ll find you.
Build your personal brand: We’re all selling something, often it’s ourselves. Give before you get. Provide value, be unique, be consistent. Once people know what to expect from you, they’ll come back for more. The best advertisement in the world is repeatable results.
Comparison: It’s been said that “comparison is the thief of joy.” It’s true. Quit worrying about how you stack up against everyone else. The difference between those who’ve “made it” and those who haven’t often comes down to two things: Time & effort: Put in both.
Transparency: Get comfortable in your own skin. Be honest with the world about who you are and who you aren’t. Trying to be everything to everyone is a losing game.
Narrow your focus: You can do anything but not everything. I believe most people are capable of more than they give themselves credit for. The problem is focus. Instead of doing an “OK” job on 10 projects… Let’s change the world by doing a great job on 1.