Travelling Abroad? Use Suggestme to Get Personalized City Maps Home Delivered Before You Start

To make the best of a place you are travelling to, its probably a good idea to know what’s going on there. You need a map. You need information. Maps are available in plenty. But real time information is scarce. A good place to start would be the social media. But then, information on social media is disorganized and there is way too much happening on it to be of any help. This is where Netherlands based startup Suggestme comes into the picture.

Suggestme allows you to discover and organize things to do in a particular destination from which you can generate your own personal travel guide, have it printed and shipped to you before your journey. To make your trip unique, the website will scour the social media to give you information on exactly what is happening in a city. It also gives you the regular- most famous sights and things to do.Suggestme

Its founder Henk Jan Bijmolt says that no two travel guides will be the same ever because the site constantly adapts and evolves in line with social media mentions. Suggestme uses information from Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare and Instagram through their APIs.

To make money, the bootstrapped startup sells printed maps and offers white label services. In future, the idea is to get businesses to pay to be on the site. The startup, with an 8 member team, is working on city maps to include detailed public transport information as well.

“It is not our goal to have 100 destinations live in one moment, we would much rather that we offer top quality information before moving on to more cities,” said Henk Jan Bijmolt, who sold his previous company Cleafs to affilinet. Currently, it operates in Amsterdam, Barcelona, Berlin, Boston, Istanbul, London, New York, Paris, Prague, Rome and Stockholm. This month, the company has plans to go live in Lisbon, Vienna, and Athens.

We think the service is extremely useful. A mobile app would have been a nice addition. Startups like Trip38 operate in the same space.