Sulekha revamps it’s yellow page service– partners with Hungryzone, Burrp, Travelguru


Sulekha revamps it’s yellow page service– partners with Hungryzone, Burrp, Travelguru

Sulekha has revamped it’s yellowpages service and apart from sprucing up the entire UI, Sulekha has partnered with companies like NeedGrub, HungryZone and Foodiebay for restaurant reviews; burrp for events and TravelGuru for hotel reviews.

First thing first – the new interface is a bold move, given that Sulekha was earlier positioned as a directory service (navigational only/content browsing) and the new interface is essentially a search play (partnership with other content players too reinforces the search play).

To get started, interface mandates you to select a city and also, one needs to verify their mobile number, in order to avail the service of businesses calling the user with quotes/deal details.

There are couple of nifty features I’d like to mention here:

  • Auto suggest – this is nothing new (every local search portal has it), but Sulekha’s implementation is nicely done. Sulekha is able to understand the query intent (to a certain extent) and brings up the related category/queries in the auto-suggest drop down.
  • Smart positioning around lead generation : “Tell us what you want we will get businesses to call you!” – consumers would love a service like this, and Sulekha will mint money via lead generation.
  • Desktop widget – Built on top of Y! widgets, the desktop client lets you search for businesses in your city. Essentially, one of the ways to reach out to consumers.

Having said that, the product still has jagged edges (doesn’t store city information in cookies), some of the auto suggestion isn’t useful, there should be no reason to segregate category/local business searches (consumers do not care) – but overall, this is Sulekha’s attempt to reinvent itself and surely looks good.

Do give the new look a spin and share your feedback.

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