Summer Camps : A missed opportunity for (hyperlocal) startups?

It’s summer time and over the next 3 months, parents are going to spend easily Rs, 2,000 – 4,000 per kid in summer camps and related activities.I have been looking for different options for my kids and looks like no startup is even attempting to solve this (there is just no information of these camps on the web).
The interesting bit in this case is that the supply side is ready to spend money on advertisements, but from what it looks like local newspapers or FB/whatsapp are the only source of lead generation for them.
Is this market size big enough? Unless you only want to build for a VC-friendly size, I believe this is a huge opportunity. For example: the market size just for HSR+Koramangala layout (Bangalore) area stands at close to Rs. 4 – 5 crores* (i.e the spending by the parents). Where is this money currently going? Offline (banners/newspaper inserts etc) or to Justdial. Online players aren’t just there yet. There is an opportunity to aggregate / curate these activities and make them discoverable.
Maybe, this is a seasonal market – but the entire year is full of such seasonalities in this market. Why aren’t startups solving this? There is an opportunity not just for hyperlocal startups but also the ones in payment space.
*: On an average, each school has 450 student per class (there are 15 sections, each has 30 students). There are 10 such classes (right from pre-nursery to Class 8th) and minimum 10 such schools. So that takes the number to ~45000 students in this area (in and around). Even if we taken Rs. 2,000 spending and assuming only 40% students take the summer camp – the number stands at 3.6 crores. Multiply that with the number of regions in the city and you will easily hit a good number per city.

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