Sun Co-Founder Calls it a Day, Starts up

Andy Bechtolsheim

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Andreas von Bechtolsheim, who co-founded Sun in 1982, built Sun’s first product, the desktop workstation has quit Sun and has launched Arista Networks, a company that is in direct competition to Cisco’s network business.

“Arista Networks has built an ultra-fast network switch that costs one-tenth the price of similar products from Cisco.

A typical switch from Cisco is

rich in features, but has up to 20 million lines of software code and may run on relatively slow processors. Arista breaks all of the major and minor tasks into their own modules that can be updated individually and uses more powerful chips to run it all.” – NYT

Bechtolsheim was an early investor in Google as well, and is known for his ‘midas touch’.

It’s really inspiring to see tech leaders restarting their lives (inspite of all the recession story) – with so much of belief and conviction.

I am wondering how many of Indian industry leaders are ambitious enough to restart their life, after a certain peak? And how many of them are so tech-savvy?

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