Sun gets sexier with ‘Looking Glass’, the 3D desktop

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Sun gets sexier with ‘Looking Glass’, the 3D desktop

Sun Microsystems is on a roll again – After open sourcing JDK, the giant has released one of the sexiesssst products till date :: ‘Looking Glass‘, the 3D desktop interface.

So what the heck is the project ‘Looking Glass’?
An open source initiative, the project is based on Java technology and explores bringing a richer user experience to the desktop and applications via 3D windowing and visualization capabilities.
It supports running unmodified existing applications in a 3D space, as well as APIs for 3D window manager and application development.

As Sun mentions, the opportunities to Windows 3D space is limitless and this is just the first step – so all you creative nerds, get 3D!

Details here | Open source site | Look what you can do with this

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