Sunday’s IND vs SA Match Had The Highest Percentage Of Wi-Fi Users [More Than NFL, NBA & Superbowl]

According to Jionet (Reliance-owned public Wi-Fi provider), the Sunday’s India vs SA match at Wankhede broke all records set by NBA and NFL games in terms of Wi-Fi usage.

Firstly, the 53% users on Jionet Wi-Fi received an average speed of 13.55 Mbps, while the data usage per user stood at 156 MB. This is considered as the highest number of Wi-Fi users at a single event—beating the NFL, Superbowl, and NBA events.

Additionally, the data usage rate per user in Wankhede last week also broke previous records set by NFL and NBA.

At an NBA event, the data usage per user on Wi-Fi was 39MB and at an NFL event a single person used up to 28 MB. Superbowl events top the charts with per user data usage at a whopping 412 MB.

Source: Jionet
Source: Jionet

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