Sunil Mittal on Entrepreneurship, Startup Life and Soccer


“I think one thing was that we were very, very passionate about our business. This was the only business we were doing. Other competitors had other businesses and this was one of the new businesses they were starting. Speed, new products into the market, close to the customer, knowing what the customer wants — I think we lived that whole space ourselves, day in and day out. And that made all the difference.”

Sunil Bharti Mittal, the self-made billionaire shares-it-all in an interview with Knowledge Wharton.

“that is the course I followed: Tie up with large companies. It’s easy to say, but large companies intuitively don’t ally with small companies or entrepreneurs. So, one had to persuade these large companies, assure them that they needed to be in the Indian market.”

Watch the entire video.

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