Sunny Leone’s Number Leaked on Whatsapp; ixigo Enters Luxury Auto Segment

April fool jokes on the internet have started to suck. Sample some reactions online: too predictable, boring, who gives a shit etc. It’s like a bit of fatigue has set in. We found lots of such pranks doing the rounds and not all of them were crappy. Here’s a look at some of the pranks we liked.

1. Ixigo launches RickAir : Premium auto-rickshaw service

This was fun. And some people fell for it too. ixigo founder Alok Bajpai also made a serious pitch by saying

Our plush service will make them feel special ! The auto-rickshaw commute industry will be a $10 Bn market by 2020, and ixigo is well positioned to become its market leader with a forecasted GMV upwards of $1 Bn. As soon as the Directorate General of Civilized Auto-wallahs (DGCA) approves our international expansion plans, we will launch a local variant ‘Air Tuk-Tuk’ in Bangkok with our epic tagline – we’ll take you for a ride!

What? $20 bn market? $1 bn dollar GMV? If it were the glory days of ecommerce investing, this might have netted a couple of VCs.

2. Introducing hike direct cash transfers


Messaging app Hike came up with an interesting one. Now send money to your friends, they said. You could take a snap of your money, Hike converts it into hike coin which can now be sent to a friend. It was a fun attempt. It gets you for a moment. But the campaign was more like a satire than a prank.

3. Urban Heritage Property at a Steal

Our friends at Linger managed a tiny coop with their prank. They put up the picture of the Auro Mirra International School and said: Linger

Announcing our first urban heritage property! This is an old British styled Bungalow with expansive gardens right in the middle of Mysore. Even as we start renovations on this, we’re asking old timers and interested guests to come spend a day (at a steal of a price) to experience this!

It was convincing enough to elicit a handful of enquiries!

4. Snapdeal Enters Matrimony Business

E-commerce company Snapdeal announced their entry to the matrimony business with If you could find girls/ boys with those filters, Snapdeal might just kill the market!



5. Sunny Leone’s number: You’ve been checking Whatsapp every five minutes. And there it is: a friend has just sent you the contact of Sunny Leone. You know it’s too good to be true but you still open it. Only to confirm your suspicion that it is fake. If only!

Found any good ones? Share in comments.


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