Now Build Your Resume Via Mobile Using Super Resume Builder

Super Resume Builder is an app for Android that lets users create resumes on the apps interface.

ResumeMumbai based developer, Faisal Memon has developed a platform to make creating and generating resumes a lot easier. Super Resume Builder was built to eliminate the process of formatting and re-formatting resumes to be sent to different companies while on the lookout for new jobs.

How Does Super Resume Builder Work?

Super Resume Builder is an app for Android that lets users create resumes on the apps interface. Users can manually enter data in the resume through pre-configured fields. The pre-configured fields range from

  • name and other personal data

  • previous employment records

  • objective

  • skills

  • achievements

Once the fields are filled out, users can choose to generate resume and share it via channels ranging from mail to Drive to social networking sites. They also have the option of generating and saving the resume. The resume can also be stored on the phone’s SD card to have access to it at all times.

Users can save multiple resumes on the platform. Apart from this, sample data can also be populated into the pre-configured fields to help figure out the text to use.

Resumes can be generated via Super Resume Builder in three ways – a basic resume, intermediate resume and an advanced/pro resume.

Both the basic and intermediate resumes have different layouts to it. The basic resume has simple formatting, while the intermediate resume has a slightly better formatting over the basic. The pro version, which is paid and ad-free, comes with “good” formatting says the company.

The Super Resume Builder app has had over 50K downloads from the Google Play store. It is currently only available on Android.

What Works for Super Resume Builder

  • Very easy to use, sample populate info will be handy for people creating resumes for the first time

  • Lets you save multiple resumes

  • Automatically saves info when a call interrupts the resume-filling process

  • Lets you share multiple resumes

It would have been nice if the service had auto-fill for companies, places in the work experience field and auto-fill for sector, kind of job and job-description. One cant’ change the file name once the resume is generated. It currently says “Resume via Super Resume Builder Free”. That would be the last thing you would want a potential employer to see. We’d love to see some more templates and options to customize the resume.

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