SupportBee – The helpdesk software that simplifies the support service business

With a give-away name like this, what the startup SupportBee does is a no brainer. It provides companies with a software solution to solve their customers’ problems in a manner that is effective. The most common approach for small enterprises has been using Gmail, but that apart from being ineffective is cumbersome. supportbee

SupportBee aims to change all this by providing small and medium enterprises efficient tools for problem solving. It does this is by the means of a software based system which heavily resembles Gmail, but which might have a hidden advantage considering the fact that the learning curve is smooth. With prices ranging from $19 to 349$, based on the volume of tickets than the number of agents or the number of logins, SupportBee does know how to differentiate itself.

How SupportBee works is simple, the tickets in this case have only two states Answered & Unanswered, helping companies to resolve their customers’ problems. With an interface that resembles Gmail, SupportBee also has a feature rich API, which the companies can integrate into their product as per their needs.

Importantly, the pricing is not a function of how many agents are logging in, but SupportBee claims to be the first helpdesk to offer charge based on support ticket volume rather than number of agents in the system, thereby encouraging businesses to involve their entire team in customer support.

SupportBee was a part of the second batch of startups selected from all over the world to be a part of Startup Chile, a program aimed at attracting the best early stage startups to set up their businesses in Chile. Currently operating in India, Chile and Vietnam, SupportBee attracts customers from countries like US and Singapore and they usually tend to be startups with some traction that have out grown Gmail as a customer support tool for their company.

Competition from brands like Freshdesk, Zendesk and along with their high profile customers is fierce, yet SupportBee seems to offer a compelling choice – and probably is one of those products that will create its own market owing to simplicity of features it offers.

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