Supreme Court Goes Smart With Its Smartphone App

supreme court appThe Supreme Court of India has launched an Android App for users to access information regarding various operations of the court.

The app, developed by CDAC Mumbai, will give users access to the court’s display board, causelists, case status, office reports, daily orders and judgements.

An older version of the app was released earlier in August 2013, but its feature was limited to the display board function which indicates the respective item number which is being heard across various courts.

The court’s app has a simple UI to access various functions and it gets the job done well. It was developed as an initiative by the Department of Electronic and Information Technology (Deity).

A Java Mobile application version of the older Display Status app is also available for older handsets.

Other Courts Getting Smart Too

In July 2013, the Kerala High Court Advocates Association also released a similar Android app called Kerala High Court Case Status, which gave users informations regarding court case number status of all the courts inside the Kerala High court.

In the past many other government departments have launched their own apps, even the government has its own app store for mobile devices.

Earlier last year, even the Ministry of External Affairs launched smartphone apps for both Android and iOS, as a measure to address problems of unanswered phone calls and long queues of its various services by providing all information regarding visas, passports, embassies diplomacies and foreign relations in one place.

In 2013 the government also started rolling out a set of “m-governance” applications for Android and Java based phones through its app store.

 The Supreme Court apps can be downloaded here.

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