5 Mistakes, 5 Learnings & 5 Things Right from Suresh Sambandam [OrangeScape Founder]

At UnPluggd, we try hard to make it not about Gyaan. This edition of UnPluggd was all about great content and amazing speakers. We were glad to host Suresh Sambadnam, the founder of OrangeScape. He shared some great learnings. Here’s an excerpt.

5 Screwups

– Misjudging ramp up of new geography: New geographies are very different.
– Engaging experts doesn’t help always.
– Health equity worth more than sweat equity.
– Personal wealth : Putting all eggs in Startup Basket.
– Telling the bad news early is easier said than done.

5 Learnings

– Sales is intutive, marketing is not
– Platforms need an application facade
– Money comes in different shades of green
– Networking doesn’t help beyond a point
– Mentors> Advisors > BoD. Less vested, more value.

5 Things Right

– First learn, then delegate. Make them succesful.
– Keeping cool at all times. Live the present.
– Rolling up the sleeves. Growth changes only the task.
– Spotting and hiring good talent- Team is all.
– My wife, son and dog still love me.

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