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Who We Are?

We’re an established company with products & services focused towards the HR/Recruitment sphere. Our target market sutrahr_logo_jpgis startups, small/medium enterprises, and growing organizations from all over India. We’ve already gathered a steady base of over 800+ clients across India. Our 3 primary business units are:

SutraHR – an “end-to-end” on priority HR and “talent acquisition” company that specializes in hiring for startups and emerging companies in new-age digital media, tech/product, and IT/web dev industries. We’ve built a formidable presence and reputation in the industry, and we take pride of having built teams at some of India’s hottest startups/emerging companies. Just to name a few: SnapDeal, Burrp!, Vdopia, Komli, Zapak, Rocketalk, SITG, and more.

SutraLite – is a pioneering recruitment business based on a unique, low-cost, fixed fee, guaranteed service which caters to the SME industry, for both online/offline based companies. Through this service, organizations have saved millions by paying a fixed recruitment fee instead of a hefty commission based on the candidates’ salary package.

sumHR (coming soon!) – our ultimate offering to the SME industry. It’s a full-fledged HR Management platform on the “cloud” available through the SaaS medium.

We’re Looking For Franchisees

As a natural step forward we’re expanding our reach by establishing presence in more cities. Of course, being an entrepreneurial company we’ve chosen the franchising approach of expansion! This franchise offering currently focuses on our 2 key businesses, SutraHR & SutraLite (sumHR will be included post its’ launch).

Who Should Apply For Our Franchise?

If you are:

  • Fed up of a 9-to-5 job (esp. in HR), want to start a profitable business, but you’re short of ideas
  • Have a background in HR, now aspiring to be an entrepreneur
  • don’t have any recruitment/HR experience, but still have the fire, passion and the will to make your own mark
  • gung ho about the “startup & SME” industry in India, and want to join the bandwagon

What Do We Offer To The Franchise?

  • 60 – 70% rev share (high margins: very lucrative compared to investment)
  • Full & Free access to paid job portals AND exhaustive internal database of professionals from new-age media/tech/startups in India.
  • Training, internal hiring assistance
  • Ready processes/reporting support
  • Complete assistance in operational setup
  • Total marketing/branding/alliance support
  • Business from our already acquired/existing clients
  • Business development efforts from our end, over above your own

How Much Would You Need To Invest?

1. A small office with capacity to seat at least 3-4 people (note: initially, the Franchisee is allowed to start “individually/+1 and work out of home/rented desks or workstations)

2. Salaries for employees you may hire as your team grows

3. Operational expenses – PCs, Cell Phones, electricity, internet, travel to client offices, etc.

4. Sharing subscription of an ATS software – per user/logins you use

5. Rs. 50000 (fifty thousand) refundable security deposit. This is to emphasize our “seriousness” and your “commitment” to this opportunity

Interested? Inquiries? Questions?

Please contact: Jay Thaker

jay(at)sutrahr.com / 9221 526 099

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