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Every startup has/is/will face the big “hiring” problem, at some point in time. It’s as if god has planned this particular chapter in the lives of entrepreneurs trying to build…

Every startup has/is/will face the big “hiring” problem, at some point in time. It’s as if god has planned this particular chapter in the lives of entrepreneurs trying to build a company. There are tons of examples and experiences of entrepreneurs/founders going through painful times after irrelevant resumes spam their inbox from an online job posting, or speaking to candidates who have no clue about their startup/product/service, or waiting for weeks before a consultant sends over some resumes, et al.sutraLite

We’ve informally surveyed several hundred Startups over the period of last 3 years, to trace the route everyone inadvertently ends up following. Here are our observations:

  1. Tap existing contacts/network/referrals: An instinctive method, but results highly depend on your network reach and team size
  2. Job posting on free job sites/classifieds: My personal experience – pathetic. Either you don’t get any response or if you do, it’s pretty crappy.
  3. Post your job on Naukri/Monster/etc.: Most common option, especially as your company grows bigger. Definitely a useful medium but still has issues like, flood of applications (mostly irrelevant), or lack of time to filter CVs and call/tele-interview them all.
  4. Access to large database of candidates on job portals: Good option but can be effective only if you know how to maximize the potential. (a) very expensive (b) takes time/effort getting used to the interfaces (c) screening and scheduling each candidate is highly cumbersome.
  5. Hire a “recruitment consultant”: Any good recruitment consultant wont charge you less than a month’s salary. Say, you’re a startup with an angel capital of 10-40 lacs and your projection is say 5-10 people on an average salary of 30k/month, that’s probably going to burn a big hole of about 20% of your funds.

I am sure this is one of the biggest (if not THE biggest) dilemma for all startups. In my opinion, there is no black-white solution to this problem. But there are different companies trying to innovate and bridge this gap, if not evaporate it. We are one such company out there called –, a low cost recruitment service for startups/SMBs. Getting the right talent in a cost effective way has always been a constant worry for all. Besides unlike giant corporates, Startups do not have the luxury to splurge on the recruitment processes. This is where we come in and help them reach out to a wider audience.

Once you sign up with SutraLite, we take care of posting your job on various paid and free internet resources, accept job applications on your behalf, and filter the relevant ones for you. Our recruitment specialists will tele-interview short listed candidates and schedule them for personal interviews with you – all you have to do is make job offers and hire the candidate. It’s as good as having a small remote recruitment team, starting at just Rs.8999 per month!

We’ve already served over 700 startups and small businesses from around India, for various job roles. We’ve run about 1200 job campaigns for these companies and we’ve helped companies hire at all levels, including receptionists, sales managers, merchandisers, graphic artists, web developers, finance heads, CTOs and Co-founders too.

If you want to see us in action, watch:

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