Swapna Burman Braved Pain & Poverty To Win Gold. What’s your excuse?

Swapna Burman became the first Indian woman to win gold in the Heptathlon event at the Asian Games.

Swapna’s life story is inspirational as she had to overcome multiple challenges such as having six toes on each foot, which caused her immense pain as ordinary shoes would not fit, and being from an economically challenged background.

The shoe problem was intense as heptathlon is very demanding and puts a lot of pressure on the feet. Additionally, Swapna Burman had to deal with acute jaw and tooth pain during the event itself, with a conspicuous bandage visible on her jaw.

In the end, however, Swapna made history and took her place as the best heptathlete in Asia. Salute to her courage and determination!

And by the way, her mother works as maid, father is a rickshaw puller and bed-ridden due to a stroke.

What’s your excuse?

PS: Hey startup founders: take her challenge and make a pair of shoe for her?

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