Sweet: This Bulgarian Man is Fixing Broken Things with Googly Eyes(And they’re Pretty)!

We often come across many broken things around us, don’t we? Whether it’s a public dustbin, tap, a street sign, a part of a monument or a heart (Ahem!), most of us just ignore these things and go our ways as always. But someone, somewhere in this strange yet beautiful world thinks differently, interestingly and of course, cleverly. He has discovered a new way of making such things interesting and guess what, it’s better than fixing them.
Last month, we saw a similar practice where people would ‘eyebomb’ different things by putting and drawing different types of eyes on things in order to make people smile.
Well, the trend has now reached to the elegant South-Eastern European country of Bulgaria, all thanks to a street artist called Vanyu Krastev who puts two googly eyes and a little bit of imagination to simple things which he sees broken or clunky. From trees and lamp posts to trash cans and sidewalk stains, he puts these eyes with different emotions on things accordingly.
He certainly has an ¬†eye to see beauty in things that nobody even notices. And by doing that, he makes them perfect eye-bombs. The world may be too big and complex to think about and fix each and every thing, but it’s too magnificent to ignore it.

Image Source: boredpanda.com

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